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Advertising in the Essential Guide magazines really does work. Results of a survey conducted by the Essential Guide in 2012 showed that local people really do prefer to shop local, and many of our advertisers tell us that the Essential Guide magazines are the best way for them to get new customers. The fact that over 75% of our customers repeat their adverts on a regular basis is testament to its success.

In Sept 2017, The Essential Guide marked its 13th anniversary in business, growing from one edition to eleven in the space of thirteen years.  The nature of business has also changed during this time with the increase in digital marketing; the Essential Guide also offers online and social media marketing alongside printed adverts. Print still has power and we’re seeing a trend with people’s advertising and marketing tactics as more people are ‘coming back’ to print advertising. It’s still an extremely effective tool, especially working hand in hand with digital media. Just as vinyl records have made a comeback due to their higher quality and engaging format, printed materials are a great way to reach potential customers in a personal and creatively interesting way. With print, the ‘stickiness’ of a message is much higher, as it stays in front of potential customers longer, unlike emails or web pages that can easily be clicked past or deleted.

Sadly, although 91% of new start-up businesses survive the first year, only 40% live to see their fifth year. Although the recent recession had an unsteadying effect on small and medium enterprises, the Essential Guide Magazine has grown during this time, helping many local businesses, keeping them trading throughout this period.

Advertise with the Essential Guide Magazine and benefit from:

  • Guaranteed delivery numbers free to residential homes in Warrington (45,000 every other month)
  • Automatic listing & link on our website Business Directory when you advertise
  • Magazines are also published on the website and social media platforms, ensuring greater visibility for your advert.
  • FREE help with advert design - we can design your advert free of charge (for use in our publications.)
  • Professionally designed layout
  • Quality local content that ensures the magazines are read and kept for reference
  • Discounted advertising packages for block bookings of 3 or more adverts
  • Spread your payments on a monthly basis with 12.5% discount, when you book for the year
  • Choice of various ad-on digital marketing options to work alongside your printed adverts
  • Choice of various stand alone digital marketing options
  • A great supportive team to help you make the best of your advertising budget
  • All the above from only £16.63 + VAT a month when you book for the year! (prices vary according to the area)

With our Add-on ‘Extra’ Package you also get:

  • FREE social media promotions with booked adverts
  • FREE Online discount vouchers on our website for the duration of your adverts
  • Add £7.50 + VAT a month to standard prices

With our Add-on ‘Premium’ Package you get everything in ‘Extra’, plus:

  • Featured advert on Essential Guide website
  • Add £17.50 + VAT a month to standard prices

Stand alone Digital Marketing options:

  • Various options available for stand alone social media posts, website advert, directory listing, discount vouchers etc.
  • Prices start from just £5 a month + VAT

Download our 13 tips to make the most of your advertising budget.

Here's Jane Kerfoot from Kumon in Gt Sankey explaining why she uses The Essential Guide: