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WBC commissions a full review of safety measures across all public buildings

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Warrington Borough Council is commissioning a full review of safety measures across all public buildings, including schools.

While the council does not own any high-rise blocks it has been decided, following the fire at Grenfell Tower, that a thorough review is carried out of all fire safety certificates, along with checks on any exterior cladding.

Leader of the council, Cllr Terry O’Neil, said: “I’d like to reassure residents that appropriate policies and procedures are in place, up to date and fully adhered to. However, in light of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, we will be reviewing all council owned buildings here in Warrington.

“A full report will be produced by the end of July and, if necessary, we will take appropriate action and respond to any recommendations so we can continue to ensure the safety of our residents.”

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