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Team Tackles Alcohol Problems

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Posted by Anne Daybell | Published in News, Warrington, Warrington News
  • Alcohol education session

Warrington Borough council has set out its new three-year alcohol harm reduction strategy and celebrated successes in the work of the current scheme.

Warrington’s Strategic DAAT (Drug and Alcohol Action Team) Group aims to reduce alcohol harm and misuse across the borough.

During the three-year period of the previous strategy they have achieved reductions in both alcohol-related hospital admissions and alcohol-related crime and disorder.

The team has also further developed a comprehensive local community and prison alcohol treatment service and improved multi-agency approaches to licensing issues.

Cllr Pat Wright, executive board member for statutory health and adult social care, said:

“It is important to recognise that alcohol harm is not an issue that sits in isolation but that it impacts on many services in Warrington.

“While this strategy comes at a challenging time for public services with reduced resources and increasing demands, we recognise that by working together we can all actively promote sensible drinking, lessen the harms and help make Warrington a safer and healthier place to live and work.”

Objectives include to:

  • – Improve the awareness of alcohol harm particularly among young people
  • – Promote more responsible attitudes to alcohol and safer levels of drinking
  • – Reduce the level of alcohol related health problems across our communities
  • – Protect children, young people and families from the negative impact of alcohol
  • – Ensure our treatment services for people with alcohol problems are effective and accessible
  • – Ensure that effective controls are in place to promote the responsible supply and availability of alcohol.

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