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The Essential Guide’s Community Champion 2017 is…

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Posted by Anne Daybell | Published in Lymm, Lymm News, News, Warrington, Warrington News
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“Kirsty James set up Colony Community in 2015 as a social enterprise to offer family wellbeing awareness and education to parents and carers. She’s worked voluntarily for two years to organise quarterly support events on topics that challenge family wellbeing and happiness, such as eSafety, Mental Health, Nutrition, Financial Security and Allergies. Kirsty has worked collaboratively with local schools, pre-schools, community organisations and parent groups to run these events in the South Warrington area.

She’s involved local businesses and support organisations to allow them to showcase and share their expertise and bridge the gap between business and community.”


As a loyal networker, she supports and generates awareness for local ventures, projects and charities and strives to develop the prosperity and education of fellow entrepreneurs and the local economy.

Kirsty is generous with her time, enthusiastic, collaborative and innovative in her approach.

2017 marks her 10th year in business and she remains as dedicated to her work and to offering great value as she was in 2007. Alongside Colony, she’s launched Colony Women (networking for women in business in Warrington), Colony Community (a social enterprise offering family wellbeing awareness events to parents), Health and Nutrition Matters (a family nutrition Facebook group), Soup on the Go Cheshire (a community crowd-funding project), Lymm Business Social, and she assists with marketing plans for the future development of Lymm village, including building a new community website.

Kirsty is dedicated to her work and to making a difference in her local economy and she does this alongside a busy family life and committee responsibilities and all in school terms hours.

Kirsty is a dynamo of energy but has modesty and humility and is therefore a perfect example of an unsung hero.

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