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The Essential Guide’s 2017 Good Neighbour Award Winner is…

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  • John-Unsworth

It will come as no surprise to the residents of Culcheth that the Essential Guide Unsung Hero Good Neighbour Award for 2017 is John Unsworth, who was featured in a recent issue of the Essential Guide, for his colourful contribution to a quiet corner of Culcheth.

John has been a keen gardener for many years, and three years ago planted flowers on the corner of Bent Lane, as a treat for an elderly neighbour to improve her view when she opened the curtains each morning. Since then John’s stunning display has gained momentum and a glorious spectacle of blooms in all sizes and colours spreads halfway down the lane each summer.

He grows the plants himself from seed, some of which in turn seed themselves after flowering to contribute to the beautiful display of garden and meadow flowers.

Since featuring in the July issue of the Essential Guide, many people have nominated John for this award, commenting that he’s brightened up their neighbourhood, and noting how much time and care he takes to make the corner of Bent Lane such a pretty part of the neighbourhood.

“I’m so surprised, but delighted to have won this award,” commented John. “I didn’t expect anything like this.”

John certainly has made a significant difference to his local neighbourhood. Maybe you know someone who has been a good neighbour? Remember to vote for them in next year’s Essential Guide Unsung Hero Awards!

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