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Developers Destroying Trees

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Posted by Anne Daybell | Published in News, Warrington, Warrington News
  • Destruction of trees

There are an increasing number of developers actively destroying trees and wildlife habitat on sites across the Borough. To make matters worse they are doing so in what is the bird breeding season.


Chair of Warrington Nature Conservation Forum, Geoff Settle said 

“I raised my concerns a few weeks ago when a whole embankment at Latchford was felled along Station Road. The enforcement officers went out but it was too late to save any, however they have placed Tree Preservation Orders on other phases of the embankment on the other side of Old Grammar School Road. Here a developer has intentions of building 280 dwellings.”

Geoff has also been fighting to stop the land near his home from being developed for the last 20 years by Satnam on “Peel Hall”. On Monday he was very annoyed to see pictures and an aerial video on a local Facebook site of bull dozers ripping up bushes and young trees.

He said 

“I am a member of the Mersey Forest Steering Committee whose primary aim is to promote the planting, management and conservation of trees. Warrington is part of the Mersey Forest and in recent years we have planted thousands of trees. To see this destruction that is destroying new growth is heart wrenching to us.”

As a trustee of the Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust he and his fellow directors are monitoring the impact on the Upper Mersey Estuary of the Mersey Link bridge builders. They are ensuring that they adhere to the terms and conditions that have been agreed to protect the wildlife habitat.

Mr Settle said 

“The construction company of the New Mersey Link bridge know and respect what we regard as best practice with regard to hedge and tree maintenance. They recognise that no work can be carried out during the bird breeding season. This season began a number of weeks ago and goes on into September”

Geoff has notified Warrington Borough Council about his concerns and is currently awaiting a response about the latest news at the “Peel Hall Development” site. He said 

“This is the third or fourth time Santnam have carried out on previous occasions they torched the trees and bushes and smoke billowed everywhere some I believe even across the busy M62. They don’t appear to have much regard to wildlife or life in general only the thought of profit.”



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