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David Mowat Honoured as a Bronze Patron for Warrington Youth Club

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Posted by Anne Daybell | Published in News, Warrington, Warrington News
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David Mowat, MP for South Warrington recently become a Patron of Onside Warrington Youth Club, and is looking forward to working alongside us on the exciting projects we have lined up.

Since arriving in Warrington in 2007, David has been involved in a wide range of activities with local clubs and charities including Warrington Town Football Club, St Rocco’s and Onside Warrington Youth Club.

Onside Warrington Youth Club is the largest voluntary youth club in Warrington and currently works with around 2000 young people each month from ages 7-25. They believe in “Inspiring young people to achieve”. As well as their action packed youth club they support young people’s development with social, emotional, educational and personal programmes.

Dave McNicholl, Chief Executive of OnSide Warrington Youth Club, commented, “We are thrilled to have the support David Mowat, he has been both an avid support of OnSide Warrington Youth Club and the National Citizen Service, one of our programmes for many years, we are privileged to be able to present David with a glass brick inscribed with the text ‘Thank you for helping to build a better future for the lives of young people in Warrington’, we are looking forward to working closely with David and his team over the coming years”.



Photo: Carol Bunn Trustee, Dave McNicholl CEO, David Mowat MP, Tim Jordan Trustee

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