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Campaign to Save Lymm Library

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Posted by Anne Daybell | Published in Lymm, Lymm News, News, Warrington, Warrington News
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Campaigners in Lymm are challenging Warrington Borough Council over the proposed library closures.

They have collected over 2,500 signatures, which is climbing by the day and which more than meets the 1,500 required to force a council debate. On 5 December the team will present their case for keeping the Library open to a full meeting of the Council.

Liberal Democrat Parish Councillor Graham Gowland says: “We are keen to present our arguments for keeping our fantastic local Library open. It has been run down in recent years by Livewire, but we still have a higher level of loans per resident than most parts of the country. We have plans to build on the current service. We don’t want the library run just by volunteers because we want a professional library service. We have investigated ways to enhance what we already have but we need Livewire and Warrington Council to deliver the service they should do”.

The campaign met its initial targets within a couple of weeks, but is pushing to collect even more support before the hearing on the 5 December. The Lymm campaign supports the wider Warrington campaign to maintain a local, quality library service throughout the Borough.

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