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The Buxton Water Challenge – Sponsored Cycle Ride to Fund Wells in Bangladesh, 18th June

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For millions of people getting clean drinking water is not as simple as turning on a tap. In Bangladesh many people have to walk for miles and even then it is often not fit to drink. In rural areas of Bangladesh villagers often have to use water from ponds and canals which can be seriously polluted. Children are the most vulnerable. Worldwide a child dies from drinking dirty water every 20 seconds. That’s 4,000 children everyday whose deaths could be prevented. Children in Bangladesh are particularly at risk.

The ‘Raj’ and Epiphany Trust plan to dig wells in rural villages in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. As the villages are so remote, it is of benefit to dig ‘deep tube wells’ wherever possible providing all residents with access to clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. We hope to dig enough wells to improve the lives of thousands of Bangladeshis. The wells cost between £200 and £350 dependent on the depth, not a lot to save so many lives!

Volunteers are needed for the ‘Buxton Water Challenge’ a sponsored cycle ride from Culcheth to Buxton and back. One hundred miles over the cat & fiddle to Buxton Water, to highlight the distances many have to travel for clean drinking water.

The ‘Challenge’ takes place on Saturday 18th June. For further details contact ‘The Raj’ 01925 765551 or

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